New Construction Cleaning Ultimate Checklist

Ensure a Clean Move!

​​One of the wonderful experiences that some individuals are lucky enough to experience is when a house is finished being built, but cleaning up after construction also contributes to that wonderful sense. Here are some important tips to remember for new construction cleaning:

Wash Windows

When cleaning the windows, pay close attention to any window tracks that the window moves along to open. If these regions are not cleaned, construction dust might clog the tracks, making the windows feel old and difficult to open and close. Utilizing a window cleaner is a smart option, and you should be sure to thoroughly clean and clear all of the windows’ tiny corners and edges. When cleaning windows, use a soft cloth or a paper towel.

Dust and Vacuum Vents

Construction dust can fill a home’s ventilation system, so it’s a good idea to make sure they are as clean as possible before you need to turn them on. They could spew out a ton of construction dust when you switch them on if you don’t clean them well, ruining all of your cleaning efforts or furnishings. If you take off the vent covers, you may clean them. You can even take them outside and spray them down, then dry them completely before replacing them.

Clean the Sinks, Shower, and Bathtub

Because they will gather a lot of dust and you need to get it out while it is still dry, the bathtub and/or shower stall are crucial sections of a post-construction cleanup. Use your shop vac to clean the bathtub or shower so that dry dust is removed rather than being flushed down the drain, which will prevent the drains from becoming clogged. It would be quite awful for a new home to have clogged drains if this kind of dust were to get into the drain and maybe cause it to get blocked.

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