An Excellent Cleaning Company for Your Post-Construction Cleaning Needs in Colorado Springs, CO

Post-construction cleaning services are a necessity when it comes to home remodeling, property development, or even smaller jobs like bathroom or kitchen renovations. Construction companies can surely build you a beautiful place, finish it up with the final touches, and having an expert to clean your home is an absolute necessity. This is something that 1st Professional Cleaning can help you with. Our cleaning company can clean your property after a renovation job.

Post Construction Cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO


Our team consists of trained professionals who can leave your brand new property in sparkling and perfect condition. We love leaving properties looking relaxing and immaculately clean so that new homeowners can surely feel calm and peaceful in them.

Cleaning Supplies

The products we use are commercial-grade and of the highest quality possible. These are products that will leave your property in even better condition. Furthermore, there are no toxic chemicals in our cleaning products.

Save Time

Hiring our company for a post-construction cleaning service will save you a lot of energy and time. With us, you can easily continue doing your work and leave the post-construction cleaning to us. At our company, we have high standards. We have always provided our customers with the best possible service we can give. It is optimal to hire a professional to do all the work because otherwise, construction can leave nails and other items on your floor that can be a health hazard for you and your family. For the best possible construction cleaning service, you want to choose our company. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, we use only high-quality equipment, products, and supplies. We are waiting for your phone call.

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