Signs You Need a New Construction Cleaning Company

If You See These Signs, Look for a New Cleaning Company

Are you thinking that it’s time to hire a new cleaning company? Maybe your current one isn’t doing the job right as they used to or their prices have increased but their services don’t merit the increased costs. If you’re still confused, below are the signs you must hire a new construction cleaning company for your needs.

  1. Inconsistent service – If your janitorial service is always doing subpar work, you’d have fired them a long time ago, but they manage to do just enough to give you that they’ll improve. If you’re not entirely certain what your move-out cleaning specialist is expected to do, it’s time to take a look at your contract. Quality services must be completely transparent in their pricing and offered services. If your current cleaners aren’t doing the job right, it’s time to hire a new cleaning company – one that offers quality services at an affordable price.
  2. High employee turnover – When your current company has high employee turnover, that means there’s a revolving door of people entering your property when you’re not around. If your cleaner is having a hard time finding people, it’s unlikely that they’re training their employees. Unfortunately, you’re paying for these new-hires to be trained on the job and you’re not getting the quality of cleaning that you expect. It’s possible that some tasks are being overlooked and there’s a high possibility that your equipment or surfaces can be damaged. If you never know who’s entering your property, it may be time to hire a new cleaning company.
  3. Lack of communication – Does your company fail to clarify your questions? If you have an issue or complaint, does your company have a protocol for handling it or a platform for you to leave it? If you get through their customer service, are you offered vague reassurances that the issue will be handled but you never see any evidence that it’s resolved? A failure to communicate is a huge issue that might force you to look for another move-in cleaning company. If your janitorial company doesn’t value your input or time, let them go!

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